How your feel good underwears are made


Our in-house design team gathers inspiration from around the globe.

Attention to detail

Each underwear is designed in-house from initial sketch to prototype testing to final design to how it fits and feel on real bodies like we really do wear the new product to get a first hand experience about the comfort and other nifty details.


Our designers cook up custom pattern variations and features

Materials (only the good stuff)

From premium yarn to high quality Nylon for our waistband, we use the best materials for our underwear.

Knitting the Fabric 

We knit our premium cotton yarn into lycra fabric that molds to your body and offers 4 way stretch so you can get the most comfortable underwear.

Dyeing the Fabric

We dye the fabric in an environment conscious dyeing unit. That's where our signature shades comes to life.

Weaving the Waistband

A blend of premium fibers like nylon lycra-elastane are woven to create a silky smooth finish that stays flat, grows with you and does not roll down - feels like it was made for you.

Construction (cutting & sewing)

Skilled workers sew each pair using state of the art stitching to give you a smooth and comfortable experience. 

Off they go!

All underwear are inspected at least twice before finding their way to you. 

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